Power Distribution

VAMP 265

VAMP 255

The comprehensive protection functions, many communication protocols and numerous auxiliary functions make the VAMP 255 perfect for utility and industrial power distribution.

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The VAMP protection relays can be used for selective short-circuit feeder protection of radial or meshed feeders. Furthermore, the voltage relays enable protection functions like voltage and frequency protection.

All VAMP protection relays measuring currents can accommodate an arc sensor connection module which enable this relay working either as an independent arc protection relay or part of VAMP arc protection system.

The VAMP 100 series product range consist of VAMP 130, VAMP 135 and VAMP 140 relays.

The VAMP 200 series product range incorporate VAMP 230, VAMP 245 and VAMP 255 protection relays.

These relays include all the essential protection functions needed to protect feeders in distribution networks of utilities, industry, power plants and offshore applications. Further, the relays includes several programmable functions, such as arc (option), thermal, trip circuit supervision and circuit breaker protection and communication protocols for various protection and communication situations.