Product Overview

The VAMP protection relays include all the main features you have been used to see in the medium voltage distribution protection systems. Additionally the relays include a number of other innovative and unique features.

Basic features

Comprehensive and versatile setting and programming possibilities. Programmable blocking and output matrix. Disturbance recorder and evaluation software. Several communication protocols are available in the relays. Continuous self-supervision. Robust metal enclosure. Wide auxiliary supply voltage range. Two mechanical sizes: 100-serie and 200-serie.

Unique features

All VAMP overcurrent relays can be equipped with arc sensors. The sensors are installed, for instance, in the cable compartment of the outgoing feeders. Thanks to optional integrated transducers, any measured and calculated values can freely be connected to the mA outputs. Maximum demand measurement quantities and disturbance recorder are available for load profiling and fault evaluation.

General Brochures

General Brochure in English
General Brochure in Dutch

Selection Tables

The selection table gives an overview on VAMP protection relay functionality with commonly used IEC and ANSI appreviations.

Selection table in English
Selection table in Finnish