Arc Protection

VAMP 220

VAMP 220

Vamp Ltd., a world leader in supplying arc protection systems, is launching new features in the well-known and well-established Arc Protection System VAMP. The type code of the new central unit is VAMP 220. The new unit includes more advanced logical features making it easier to protect complicated switchgear configurations.

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An electric arc short-circuit is an infrequent switchgear fault where an explosion-like heat and pressure-effect may cause large material damage and jeopardize the job safety of the opeation staff. The goal of the arc protection is to detect the arc and minimize its burning time thus protecting people and property. The burning time is usually minimized by cutting off the current path feeding the arc.

The best way to limit damages of an arc short-circuit is to limit the arc burning time. The burning time can be limited by tripping off the breaker, which is feeding the arc current. This will effectively limit both direct and indirect damages. Especially when arc is developed during work in the switchgear the short arc burning time has a great value.

VAMP Ltd. is a world leader in supplying arc protection system, with extensive references to industrial- and utility applications. In our arc protection family you can find the necessary combination of reliable and cost-effective arc protection systems.